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About Goldvk

        Welcome to Goldvk Online Shop. Goldvk is a professional online shop for game currency, which can provide the cheapest gold, the fastest delivery, the best 24/7 online service for the players. The amount of customers has reached 100000 through 4-year developing. Besides, Goldvk also sets up a brand image in the players' heart. Now Goldvk runs more than 50 kinds of games, which has more than 100 different kinds of products. Moreover, most of the products rank at the top position in Google. Some famous games, such as, AION(AION Kinah), Final Fantasy XIV(FF14 Gil), The Elder Scrolls Online(ESO Gold), Cabal(Cabal Alz), C9(C9 Gold), Guild Wars 2(GW2 Gold) etc., rank in the front page of Google. Goldvk has 3 substations, which are,, and You can also enjoy the same service as the Goldvk in these three substations. Meanwhile, Goldvk also engages in the development of mobile phone games and the products are very popular. Goldvk would like to become friends with the players, even be a family!

The Introduction Of Our Products

Word Of Warcraft Gold (WOW Gold)

In the early time,we know that the mount is the most expensive item,which need many wow gold. Today, the number of the gold we got by completing task is far away form our need.Especially the mount availed to have a trade.what we saw such as Vial of the Sands,Reins of the Crimson Deathcharger need tens of thousands of wow gold.After updating to version MOP,the black market have been added in the game.Some items and mounts can be sold by 999999 workd of warcraft gold.for this we know that there are a large number of wow gold to be needed.To our website,we can offer you the safe wow gold in a fastest time.WOD have added the castle,which requires much more wow gold.

Elder Scrolls Online Gold (ESO Gold)

The camp against is one of the important parts in the game, so how many ESO gold you have is become a key point. The other reason that we need ESO gold is the ESO world is very big and have a lot of interaction.In here the most convenient way is offer ESO gold to the players.ESO is a relatively free online game and lack o f guidance which make some players do not know what to do.For this reason,we often waste ESO gold to buy some items we may needn’t.So collect our website and come to our website when you need ESO gold.we shall provide the best service and the most safe ESO gold .At the same time,Goldvk hope everyone have a better experience on The Elder Scroll Online.

Guild Wars 2 Gold (GW2 Gold)

The concept for gw2 gold will not referred at the beginning of the your entering. With you playing the game in-depth, you will find that in the game,you do not play anyone but yourself. How much gw2 gold you have is mean how much money you possess.Have not enough gw2 gold is mean you have no task, and we can not always find enough teammates to against the powerful enemies. Saying goes ‘if you have no hand you can’t make a fist’. How can you lead and organize your teammates if you have no gw2 gold? Perhaps you even can not survive. As the same as the other games,producing skills need time,effort and gw2 gold. In summary, in order to enjoy Guild Wars 2 you need enough gw2 gold.

Our Advantage
possible account termination when using illegal leveling or illegally obtained gold