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  • Thanks for the money buy from this guy everyone it’s 100% message me if you want a reference

    WssSgtkrisper Time: 2017-10-20

  • I bought 300k where’s my gold ?

    WssSgtkrisper Time: 2017-10-20

  • How do I know ur not gonna fuck me over

    Idk Time: 2017-10-19

  • Hello, A18thairbornesgt, that's right. We had only so much gold at that time. We sent you an email, and I don't know if you've seen it. And we've sent them to you right now.

    Goldvk Support Time: 2017-10-19

  • Hi, I, that's not going to work

    Goldvk Support Time: 2017-10-19

  • Hello. ThaCobra86 we've sent you the gold.

    Goldvk Support Time: 2017-10-19

  • Hello when will you send the gold i pay for

    ThaCobra86 Time: 2017-10-19

  • Could i trade you gold from eu to na

    I Time: 2017-10-18

  • I only received 1.1 million gold and paid for 2 million. Why is that?

    A18thairbornesgt Time: 2017-10-17

  • Get scammed nerds.

    Golden Support Time: 2017-10-16