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How to make an order on Goldvk?



You should choose the game on the left side of the “HOME” webside.



After you click your game, the page will turn to this blow.

For example, choose “cabal online-Eu”. Then you can click “gold”, if you want to buy it; or click “powerleveling”, if you want to buy the bot or rider.

Choose your server, and click it.

For example, you choose the server “DE-Venus” and click it.

You can choose the currency. And then you can click “quick buy” according to the relative quantity of the gold.

complete the figure below. Please wright your true information. Meanwhile, you have to  agreed the"privacy protection", or you can not do the next step.

Then you should choose the payment way, such as Paypal, Credit Card with Paypal, Paysafecard, Softbank, Western Union, Moneybookers and Commer zbank.

Now you reach this page. You should check your information. If it is right, you can click “Pay Now”.

 now you enter the payment page. Please wright your corresponding account information so thar you complete the payment.

How to get your gold?

First, please coordinate us to confirm your order.when you made order and paid your money in our offical website, you'll go through a confirmation procedure. Based on the amount of the gold you buy, it will be in different form.  Under 20 USD, we'll send you a email to confirm some of your information; between 20 to 100 USD we'll give you a call and ask you some questions; If you buy gold more than 100 USD, we'll have to require  your bank statement.

Second, after the confirmation procedure, we will give you the gold in the game. According to different games, we may trade the gold through face to face or open shop at a pointed spot; or we will give the gold by sending in the game.

Attention: if you have any other problem, you can click the “Live Char” in the home page. We provide online custom service so that we can help you solve the problems you asked. Thank you foe your supporting.