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Lineage II: Revolution to Showcase VR Demo at ChinaJoy 2017

ChinaJoy 2017 is in full swing in China recently, lots of brand new games are showcased at this exhibition. As we know, Lineage II: Revolution has made great achievement in South Korea since launch, the game has been soft launched in several countries, English version is coming soon.


Lineage II: Revolution CN server is published by the biggest game company in China, Tencent. Today a playable VR version of the game can be seen at Tencent Games’ booth! Check out the footage taken below of this VR demo by MMO Culture.

In this VR demo, players can only block and attack, while unable to move around or really cast any skills. However, at the corner of the demo, we also realized it is running on SteamVR. Does it mean a full VR experience of Lineage II: Revolution is a possibility in the future?