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Soul Worker Mobile (CN) to Kick Off CBT on July 21 with Cool Features Unveiled

The long-anticipated anime MMOARPG Soul Worker Online hasn't come to us yet, however we got the news that the officially licensed mobile game will kick off Closed Beta test on July 21 in China. The Soul Worker Mobile (灵魂佐士) is developed by Chinese game company Adwo Game for more than a year.

Soul Worker Mobile made its debut in November 2016, and launched its first CBT from May 24 to 27. The game offers three main characters for choices: Lily Bloommerchen, Erwin Arclight and Haru Estia.

Players can not only enjoy the pure 3D anime in Soul Worker Mobile, but also various action modes. What’s more, there’s even dancing contest, legion battle, faction war, etc.

Interested gamers can download the Soul Worker Mobile Android game pack and wait for the CBT on July 21, currently the game is only available for Android users, and the language is in Chinese.