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POE How to finish plot quickly    POE Full story raiders

A9 (Chapter 9):
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                                                                       (Brief introduction diagram)
9-0: return to the city, and then to the town of Chapter IX. The The Do not ask me why. I do not know, I want to go back to Chapter 8. The The
9-1: casually close to the wall, the next two (three) cranes, and then enter the 9-2
9-2: close to the lower wall, open the transfer, complete the delivery, and then go straight. Go to 9-3.(Cheap poe article
9-3: near the wall, find the transmission point, enter the 9-3-1.
9-3-1: close to the wall, has been walking, met a firefly lizard BOSS killed, returned, into the 9-3.
9-3: transmission, top left straight, into 9-4.
9-4: near the left hand wall, there is a trial. Close to the left hand wall has been walking, the upper left direction, into the 9-5.
9-5: into the upper left corner of the map, see the delivery point, and then to the left to find an arena, and then kill the BOSS, return the payment task, the same task. Then back to 9-5. On the direction, into the 9-5-1,
9-5-1: Task BOSS in the upper right corner of the map. Kill and then return the task to 9-5.
9-6: transfer point is 9-6, go in, and then casually go in the right direction to go (every time I go is not the same, probably right) and then into the 9-7.
9-7: Same as 9-6, upper right. Here details BOSS. This figure is divided into three little brother + a BOSS. To three places to kill three little brother, the map do not stop, because strange to kill endless, will always appear, in the case of ensuring survival, chic. And then to the younger brother of the Arena door dosing, recovery state. Three little brother to kill after the big BOSS. BOS skills are the collection of three brothers. Distant standing in the near place, it is best to bring a spell totem + skeleton, pull hatred. Melee melee. Kill 10-1.