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Edgar allan poe gift items

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POE How to finish plot quickly   POE Full story raiders

A10 (Chapter 10):
gold seller wow
                                                                       (Brief introduction diagram)
10-1: close to the wall into the 10-2.
10-2: Wall is just fine. Free the wall.
10-3: close to the characters left hand wall has been to go, and then get things to continue to go, will encounter a trial. Then return. (Two regret)
10-4: close to the top of the wall has been walking, that is it.
10-5: the wall near the left hand side. Has been gone.(Edgar Alan said I liked POE gifts very much)
10-6: close to the characters left hand wall has been to go, that is, BOSS room.
10-7: return after 10-2. Then find "good". Open the door into the map. Look for a wall, close to go just fine. Remember to open a door at any time, and then died back to the city, the door, the map a bit big. Then enter 10-8.
10-8: the story of the final BOSS, quetting. Only one way, go up, Sao years. I do not say anything about BOSS. I will mention a few need to pay attention,
(1) you'd better open a door outside the BOSS room. Because you die too fast, then you point too fast, may point back to town.
(2) BOSS chest down things, hit him, there will be dark gold strange, can be killed dark gold strange.