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elder scrolls ps4 game

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This "esc" PS4 game ,platform game, the game  does not only allows you to kill children, but also to make people more vivid.

"Everywhere full of the monster" , probably the common attitude in the game player in the game, so that in the open world sandbox game, such as "ESO" game player can make enemies with the world, people kill, kill the Buddha (see, in addition to the village chicken) as well as children, because they are invincible, which makes some game player complain about lacking of game immersion,  the "immersion children (Immersive Children)" Mod is very hot.

Obviously, this  can let your child's Mode game player, in fact, this is not the first game which is similar to Mod, the author even said  that game player can use a simple operation to get eso gold, you come up with such a Mod, but Immersive Children is not only to satisfy the desire to kill a game player, because some other details also makes this Mod popular. Immersive Children let ESO in children can be more vivid, more like a child can sit in a chair, or lying in bed, this kind of immersion, probably can be described as: you love them, then put them to the sword.