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game elder scrolls online

The author acobral that people do not know that  the "tag" enabled in the ESO game, which makes them unable to attack, but also locks a lot of behavioral animation, now in the MoD unlocked, the children can interact with the players.

Including a scaled-down version of the table, so this mod not only makes the child no longer invincible, but also fixes the animation problem, but also in the dead People's Hall (Halls of the Dead) joined the children's coffin and urn, to further improve the sense of reality.
In order to introduce their mod, acobral even made a picture contrast, highlighting the difference between immersive Children and general MoD, can see in the picture below, silly standing children in playing the immersive Children MoD, will find their own bench sit down.
Acobral the main thrust of the MoD was not to "kill the child", a slightly negative thing, but to fix some of the flaws in other mod s, when other players commented "poor pervert".
Acobral replied: "I know all the arguments about this mod, and I understand your criticism at the moral level, but anyway, the main thrust of the MoD is to increase the immersion of the game, so the name of the mode is for immersive children, and of course I personally can't bear to do that to the child, But the invincible child does not conform to the common sense, lets the person feel the play. ”
This game online released now, despite the controversy, but the success of the immersive children has more than 6,000 downloads, interested players can also go to the MoD page, install demo.