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elder scrolls online price guide

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"Elder Scrolls 5" Designer: Some game prices are left to improve deliberately, so it was interesting
"Elder Scrolls 5" This large game, there will always be some Bugs, Kotaku podcast recently interviewed "Elder Scrolls 5" chief program design Jason Schreier, discussed the sale of large-scale game "deliberately" stay so Bug reason and the situation.
Jason Schreier said Bethesda used a "debug system" similar to "Lucas Studios," and they targeted the QA department to find "which vulnerabilities must be preempted", which would allow programmers to fix the bugs that  affect the gaming experience. So some Bugs actually stay, deliberately  the reason is not so much effort to repair, that is, the peoople added the fun of the game. They are not malignant Bug.
Jason Schreier take the "halo" series of "Pang pig" car jump bug example, if u repair the bug, then the game cost will be more expensive, so need more people to maintain.
This seemingly stupid and lovely bug is very useful for adding fun to the game, and if those bugs do not cause substantial damage to the player's gaming experience, it will be deliberately left, Jason Schreier said.