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eso xbox release date

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"Elder Scrolls 5: Sky" will be landing in Scorpio, B community plans to make patch updates, the recent release test version.

Bethesda has confirmed that their development of the world,  "Radiation 4" and "Elder Scrolls 5: Sky" will usher in the Xbox Scorpio plan patch, which will be updated in the form of push.
Producer Todd Howard said: "We have already completed the" radiation 4 "support for the PS4 Pro, as in the PC version, we only need to push through the update players can continue to play the game. Microsoft's Scorpio plan Will be available in the next year, we will also make it "radiation 4" and "sky" patch.
According to previous reports, Microsoft plans to officially announce this year's E3 Scorpio plan, after all, this host can have what kind of performance and performance, we can only wait and see the cheap eso gold.
And like the "Elder Scrolls 5" such a scale of the game, if you insist on no flaws in the "debug", then may not know the sale. So the design team have more space to create, and sometimes the game appears "horses suddenly transferred to the mountains," this situation will make the game more interesting.
In addition, Jason Schreier used to play the "Lucas studio", he was familiar with these "debugging" of the drama, and some game design did not join the "Elder Scrolls 5" official version, maybe he intended to stay " 6 "as funny bugs (laughs).