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“MU: legend”U.S.

Miracle classic sequel“MU: legend”U.S. clothing to determine the September beta

Four professional of game
Dark Lord
Once in the battlefield the brave knight was feared and respected, in the desperate moment, they sacrificed their humanity, with a dark power in exchange for a huge force. Their sacrifices have changed their appearance and humanity. Now, they have only cool judgment. They give up the normal life, no longer alive as human beings. They use their powerful power to control their enemies, but the success of the fighting is not enough to meet them. They aimlessly wandering on the battlefield to find the target, they are called "dark lords".

Utilizing the natural energy, as well as mysterious expertise,  the races of the whisperer forest have gained a set of special skills to make them infamous on the battlefield. They can fight independently, good at dealing with reconnaissance missions, such as quietly into nature and easily assassinate the target. Elegant action has a fatal lethality, Their ability is highly pursued. They attack with their long-range weapons, such as bow, using natural energy and elements to dominate their enemies. Due to their fighting ability and unique casting speed, they won the "whisper" title

In order to protect their creators, they were born in an experiment. Blader are ruthless soldiers that are nourished by anger, they fight for the lower class. In the great war that the civilian rebellion was crushed, only to create a perfect warrior to fight oppressors. Kanturians, with the help of mankind, decided to test if the anger on the soldiers can make him stronger. The result is a soldier with an irresistible force and an endless desire.

War Mage

They are exiled by society. War Mage always believe that he is stronger than the ordinary mage. Their magical power becomes so powerful that they are considered dangerous and are removed from society. After being exiled, they worked as mercenaries, trying to control their extraordinary power. Once they have done so, they begin to develop their own spells that are more powerful than any ordinary mage. They cast devastating elements of magic on the battlefield, like self-confidence and arrogant dance in general.