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Mu 2 legend

Releated:Miracle: legend.“MU: legend”U.S.

"MU: Legend" is the Korean network Zen's research and development of the classic online games "miracle" orthodox sequel. In MU: legend, what are the fun content? And with editor first look at the introduction of MU legendary play.
  Cracks will take you into the place of time, space, and even the size is uncertain. Every time you enter the cracks, the structure and monster of dungeon will be generated and placed by the program according to the character level. In a certain period of time, the cracks also add an extra challenge, known as the dark cracks. If you enter the underground city at these times, you can get more returns.
You can enter the cracks at any level and any location.


                                                                     MU legendary characteristic play -- Crack
Endless tower

  Some people say that endless towers connect sky and earth. Those people who reach the top of the tower can talk to God. What do you need in the process of becoming a legend? Walk into the endless tower, I believe you will find them!
After 25, you can enter from Ohrdor's professional hall.

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                                                                     MU legend characteristic play -- Endless tower
Altar of souls

  In a forgotten forest, the soul altar is built on the desolate ruins, which is a squad of PVP area. PVP size is 5V5 or 10V10, each team's task is to occupy the altar, more than the other, the first to reach the required score will be able to win.
 After 65 you can (button B button can be) into the soul altar in the big map

leguend of leguend

                                                                     MU legendary characteristic play -- Soul altar
Guild system

  Players can create or join a guild. With the development of the guild, you will be able to gain more and more benefit. At a later stage, you will be able to get your own spacecraft. In the future content updates, you can also experience the guild's unique adventure content.
You can create a guild in the capital of Ohrdor, once the guild is created anyone can apply through the NPC or guild search function to join.


                                                                          MU legendary play - Guild system
Rupa's Labyrinth

  In the maze of Rupa, you can raise your strength to a new height. Here you can get and reinforce a new growth element called "relics". Challenge the limits of the maze, strengthen your relics. The higher the level of reinforcement, the greater the impact on your ability. Want to get a lot of gold?click here.

After 65, you can enter from Ohrdor's professional hall giant Trenta.

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                                                                              MU legendary play - Rupa's maze

  The arena is a PVP battlefield. Here, you can fight with other players 1V1. Challenge the arena, test your strength!
You can enter the arena through the mission map guide. Arena can enter 3 times a day, every day you can reset entry time.

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                                                                                   MU legendary play - Arena